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Welcome to SkillWiseGO

SkillWiseGO is absolutely your best choice if you are needing to build practical computer skills in the shortest possible time. It is also your best choice if you have so many other demands on your time that you are able to fit in only occasional slots for the training you want to do.

SkillWiseGO is easy to install on your home computer. The program operates within the Chrome browser so you will need connectivity, and of course, access to a computer. However, the program is intentionally designed to be low on bandwidth, so it will not be gobbling up your data. Your results are all stored in the cloud, on the main SkillWise server, so you can even work from different computers and there is no danger of losing results. You are given a password with which you can access the training from anywhere. A dashboard is provided which helps you keep track of your progress.

The SkillWiseGO training program covers a wide range of basic computer skills. As well as providing a fundamental understanding of computers, how they work, and how to get the most out of them, you will be building specific skills in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, the internet and emails, all the skills that are needed in today’s world of work. The course normally takes about 100 hours to complete, but the quantity of material covered would probably take a year to teach in a conventional training college.

Uncovering Your Motivation

You do the course at your own pace, doing it as slowly or as fast as you like. The constant is that all students set themselves a high standard and don’t progress to the next section until they are satisfied that they have achieved their goal on the last. This too is under your control. You can swap around and try out different bits of the program, but the results you get for the many short quizzes and tests are all stored on the server, and certificates of completion are only awarded for people who complete the whole course to the required standard. However, the training is accredited with the MICT SETA, and if a high enough average mark is achieved, 42 National Qualification Framework points can be awarded.

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If you’re interested, we have a question to ask of you: What is your “Why”? We know the program can set you up with the skills you need, but it will be your own commitment to practice and perseverance that will embed these skills in you for the long term. Why would you want to do this course? It’s going to involve hard work! Think for a moment about the new opportunities that could open up for you once you become a skilled digital worker. If you decide to do it, write yourself an e-mail or message to document your commitment to yourself and to your future.

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Embrace Your Future

Be the ONE who steps out and claims a new future, based on the confidence of knowing what you can do!

Check out the FAQ and the Blogs to find out more about the program.

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If you think this is for you, fill in the Application Form below, and send it to our Admin manager. She will rspond to you with details for payment and access to the program.

Like to speak to someone? WhatsApp Sharon at 072 7088435.

Make sure you accept the Pre-Launch price offer soon and pay only R2 000-00, excl VAT. (The course is normally R4000, and it would cost you R18 000 to cover this much material at an FET college.)

To your future success!