Be The One

Special pre-launch offer

Although the SkillWise CONNECT version of the program has been upskilling young people since 2010, the fully online, work-from-home, SkillWise GO is a new kid on the block. We’re busy creating what we believe will be an exciting delivery model: sharing the journey with a virtual community.

You’ve probably realised that we have a different approach to learning, and we’d like to be sure that the GO community is able to get the maximum benefit from the model.

So, we’re offering the course at a steeply discounted price (R3 000 instead of R4 000) to the first 50 people who apply. In return, we hope you will give us occasional feedback that will help us to tweak the system so that learning-from-home can be really sociable and satisfying. In today’s connected world, it is easy to share the journey with others in a virtual space, which we believe will make online learning an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Ready to GO?

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