• Building Computer Skills to Get You into the World of Work

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SkillWise has trained over 40 000 learners over the past 20 years, and our CompuTutor simulation-based active learning application has added to the workforce previously unemployed young people in rural South Africa. 

Islands of hope opening doors of opportunity

Enabling rural youth employability

Ongeziwe Hlazo

“At first I knew nothing about computers. I didn’t even know what a ‘mouse’ was! I
was also shocked when we were told that the progress mark was 80%. But I soon
learned that with hard work and by tring again until we reached the goal, we could
succeed. I am very excited to have done so well at the end of this course.”

Ongeziwe Hlazo - Graduated from The Valley Trust Youth Opportunity Centre, Botha’s Hill, KZN

“I can say it was a very good experience, everything was
clear, and if I needed to repeat something I didn't hold
up the whole class. I could go back as many times as I


John Hendricks - Klein Constantia Farm - Cape Town

“It was the first time I'd done a computer course, and I
did it for my children, because I want them to better
themselves in the future.”

Jacobus Conradie - Klein Constantia Farm - Cape Town

"This training is adictive ... I can't get the students to go home!

Joseph Mondo - Fuma Fronteir Solutions, Soweto

We’re a team of people who are passionate about changing the way you learn, and using the power of technology to put you in control of your own learning.

What we do ...

We develop simulation-based learning programs,We have also created a model for establishing computer centres in low-resource environments.We have established a franchise model which encompasses the entire system for setting up a centre, from low-cost hardware, to purpose-built software (primarily our own program CompuTutor Office).  We have also pioneered a unique low-bandwidth model for delivering online training. whereby the content resides on a local file server, and administration (registration and scorekeeping) occur in the cloud on our SkillWise server. This system enables us to manage in real time the training occurring in all of the remote centres which are part of our franchise.

About us ...

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